Friday, June 09, 2006

4:59pm on a Friday afternoon

Useless character(UC): Hi. I was having problems with my timesheet entry
Payroll Admin(PA): (ahhh Shit! NOT at 4:59pm!On a friday? Hot damn some people are soo inconsiderate!) Oh yeah? Whats's the problem?
UC: Everytime I enter it into the system it's paying me at the wrong pay rate. I had a similar problem a few weeks ago and you forwarded me to nameless lady at corporate. Could you please hold for a moment?
PA: Sure...(by now it's already 5:02pm..such nerve!)
*4 minutes later*
UC: Thank you for holding. It's a busy Friday night. (oh so this fool knows what day it is). Anyway, now when I enter the time into the system it's paying me at $125/hr but I'm trying to input it for $900. I know I'm doing something wrong. Puttin in the wrong code or something
PA: ok. What code are you puttin into the system?
UC: I don't know.
PA: I'm looking at your last two checks and it looks like you were paid at $125 rate but I would need the code info from you to figure out what you are doing wrong
UC: Well see, I'm not near a computer right now. So I can't tell what option I pick out.
PA: Ok. Thats the only way I can tell. Also, since you are entering the wrong code, in order for me to pay the right rate, you'd have to call nameless lady at corporate to fix it in the system. She's the only one who can go in the system and switch it around.
UC: (laughing sheepishly) Yes. You had told me the same thing when this happened a few wks ago. I guess I shouldda just called her before calling you at this time on a Friday huh?
PA: hahaha. No. Thats quite alright. Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
UC: Thank you. Have a good weekend
PA:(UGH! Die slowly!) U huh. thank you. You too. Bye

Goodness gracious I need some alcohol!!!


Anonymous said...

It's situations like this one that is one of the main reasons behind "happy hour".

smartass said...

why is it that they always pick your end time as the time for stupid requests?!

sounds like a boss I know. ;-)

Nataleesthot said...

Beats me but Murphy's law seems to love the heck out of me.