Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duro Olowu

London's fashion week is off to a GREAT start! I have to admit that I hadn't heard of Nigerian born Duro Olowu but a little googling says that he's been around since 2004. Either way, I'm really glad I came across his collection. It's probably the only collection that I think I could wear straight off the runway. I love his vibrant mix of florals and geometrical shapes. The unlikely color combinations and the subtle touches of African prints is amazing. He said that he was listening to "dub" when he got inspiration for this collection which might explain the prolific use of Orange in this collection...

PS: Love the Oxfords with the sweater dress combo....yet another way I could wear my Oxfords..Can't wait for better weather!
PSS: Big shout out to africans doing big things! (yes its cheesy and I said it! WHAT?)

My first pair of Oxfords= love

I first noticed oxfords on Sienna Miller while she was filming "The September Issue" and I instantly fell in love. I just purchased my first pair from Steve Madden on sale and I'm so excited to break them out in the Spring. I got them in grey because I don't have any grey shoes(even though I've been lusting for grey boots for two winters now) and also because it's different.

This is how the awesome people at stevemadden.com suggest wearing them:

Next, I'm going to buy these "Harrlem" boots from Steve Madden (customer loyalty..can you tell?) I love them in brown. They look really rugged...almost retro..love them!
In case any one is wondering, this is how Steve Madden suggests you wear them:
They look like lots of fun and I'm pretty sure that I can rock them in more ways than suggested. I can't wait to buy and rock these bitches!

**for clearer images go to www.stevemadden.com

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fall 2010- RTW

The NY Mercedes Benz Fashion week is over and for the most part this years designs are uninspired. There is a lot of repetition; for example the Ralph Lauren collection is still synching sweaters like Michelle Obama has been doing since 2007. Most of the designers looks seem lazy in a very "been-there-done-that" kind of way...I know the past two years were affected by the state of the global economy but whats this years excuse? I find myself snoozing while looking at the latest looks but thats not to say that they are all bad....I like L'Wren Scotts take on the military look in these two ensembles...
One thing I noticed about most of the houses is that the hems are going even higher next fall so get ready to hit the hip abductor machine even harder at the gym...or at least do some squats and lunges.
Moving on to Londons fashion week. Crossing my fingers for some semblence of originality....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Puxatony Phil saw his shadow and It's snowing outside, but style.com says Spring 2010 is here!!!!!!

Style.com just released the Spring 2010 what-to-buy list and it's full of incredible items. My favorites are by Balenciaga. I love these gladiator sandals($575) and the new version of the motocycle bag. It looks a little smaller which could pose as a problem(If I was in the market looking for a $1795 bag) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blue. It's a classic color that would work in any season. I'm pretty sure that even though it might not look like it from the pictures, they are the same shade of blue..It would probably be really tacky to wear both in the same outfit....right?

Speaking of motorcycles, I really like Sacai's deconstructed version of a motorcycle jacket. It is very apropriate for the uber feminine theme that most designers are following this season. "I'm a wanna-be fashionista and I approve this message" *thumbs up*
Sinclair 10 trench coat- $398 it's one of those great items that don't need much of a desciption. Except to say LOVE.

There were a lot of tribal and wild west influences on the Spring RTW runways. Chloe gave a more practical approach to the "wild west" idea with this purse. I'm flipping back and forth between love and boredom. I can't decide but at $1740, I don't have to ;-)
Speaking of tribal, these statement making DVF bangles are probably the "easiest way to wear the trend". Yep...I agree. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Are you are trend setter or a follower? Doesn't matter! If you have the confidence to wear bright red lipstick, Chanels rouge lipstick in "Byzantine Red" is the way to go for as little as $30 Speaking of Chanel.....Uncle Karl, WTF is going on with this crocheted mess?? $4525 for a purse that was obviously inspired by my grandmothers couch cover? I DONT think so! Still love ya! MEAN IT!!

Last and definitely least, these J Brand Cargo pants are described as blurring "the lines between military and safari with a fatigue green cargo pant"...ummm...WHAT? Who needs that? For now I hate the idea of cargo pants being turned into skinnies...It might also be a bias because J brand jeans typically look terrible on me...I don't know either way...
For the complete list of must have items, click HERE. You're welcome.

Monday, February 01, 2010

2010 grammys- the YES edition

Two of my most favorite looks of the evening are the two ladies who decided to go completely safe and wear relatively simple(yeah! I'm talking about YOU crazy gaga!) and georgeous gowns. I'm not usually one to pick a safe outfit on the red carpet but based on everyone elses choices, these two ladies NAILED it. This is what we call perfection. Everything from the hair to the make up to the accessories. Great job ladies!
PS: Keri Hilsons neck and shoulders are to-die-for....uber toned yet feminine...Love it...Speaking of great bodies, I would wear the same exact thing to perform if I were as hot and as talented as Pink.... Her perfomance was astounding! She raised the bar that she had set at the AMAs and came back with a perfomance that I can undoutably say was the best of the evening...(Take THAT Gaga!!! love ya...MEAN IT!)

2010 grammys- the MAYBE edition

Jennifer Hudson looks great! She's lost a lot of weight but still kept her curves and she looks nothing short of amazing.....that being said.....ummmm...Who the F draped that goofy looking skirt around her waist? Her outfit was ferosh before someone fell on her with that ill-advised satin BS. Sad! No bonus for that person!

A part of me loves this daring dress with the Hilary-Swank-Circa-2000-Oscar-Dress back but another part of me is annoyed by the flowers made out of a combination of sequins and outlandish buttons....Definitely not loving what it looks like from the front which should be what she saw first when she tried it on. I dont like her her bangs either. Talk about changing hair teams STAT! Paging Katy Perrys hair people: Her hair needs a makeover.. PRONTO! As a package she falls in the maybe category...it's definitely not an A+ but it's not an E either... Plus my I heart Katy Perry is in full gear so....it's hard to give her an E.

2010 grammys- the NO edition

I'm not exactly sure what was going on this year on the red carpet or what kind of juice these stylists in Hollywood have been drinking but they need to put the bottles down and get to work....

Ciara's outfit is rather unfortunate. I don't know whether to comment on the lazy hair job or the excessively busy drape over her body suit. Some people in her hair team need a good talking to but her stylist has DEFINITELY got to go! no excuses.

Britney in Dolce and Gabanna- is it politically correct to make fun of Britney yet? I'm a HUGE fan(closet fan offcourse) but WTF is going on with this ridiculous-ness? There are certain things she would have to loose to make this outfit acceptable starting with the see through dress(whats up with the awkward length?), the fishnets, the sparkle shoes and the clutch...but then once she looses all that, she's left with a black body suit which is SOOO Lady gaga circa January 2009....so even at best this outfit is a fail!
Note to Britney and Ciara- Hire more NO people to save yourselves from this kind of situation in the future. Also, just because it's couture doesnt mean its a great idea! These two should have ended up on the cutting floor in first year at FIT....I'm just saying...Love ya! MEAN IT!!
PSS: This is Britney at the 2001 VMA's...this is the right way to wear the outfit. I would have much rather she committed the red carpet crime of wearing the same thing twice, than be subjected to that D&G disaster she wore on Sunday...Shame... Re-hire your old stylist girlie!