Friday, January 25, 2008

Priscilla, oh, Priscilla

I haven't worked at Hellz Kitchen in about 9 months and I get a call from Priscilla (the replacement aka the new PA) and this is how the conversation goes:
Me: Hello
P: Hey there how are you?
Me: Good
P: Question for ya
Me: ok
P: Mr. Orange Conhead from Monkeys Inc hasn't shown up to work in over a week and they are getting worried about him. The number we have on file is an old number for him but I see here that you sent him a new ATM last March
Me: ATM? Whats an ATM?
P: Acknowledgement of Terms of Employment
Me: oh u mean ATE?
P: Yes. Anyway the phone number we have on file is from 2003 and im wondering whether you would know where I could find an updated number for him.
Me: oh ok. Please hold as I pull up my Rolodex that I keep with past employees from companies that I dont even work for anymore......

Monday, January 14, 2008

Brand new day...brand new me

I've decided that since I'm no longer working in Hedes(and haven't been since June 2007) I'll blog about every other vain subject available...


we'll see...

things I hate at the moment:

1. All the music in my ipod.
2. these last 5 lbs that wont go anywhere...AAAAAA
3. the fact that everything requires patience (which I dont have)
4. pull ups (long story)

best part of my day:

1. Finding out about the new OPI colors coming up in the spring...we are going from Russia to India....thanx trixie