Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Don’t you just LOVE it when you say something to someone then they tell it to you more articulately and act like they are teaching you something…worse yet, you are too busy to say anything so you just go…oooohhh and pretend you’ve been schooled?

Case in point:

Me: Yeah. I wanted to go see Borat.
T: Booorrraatt( FRAT BOY!), yeah. You know I saw a picture of that dude and he looks pretty normal??
Me: Yeah. I know..Remember he used to be Ali G?
T: He still is. The show is still going on on HBO
Me: Really he still is? I didn’t know that
T: Yeah. Actually, he’s not Ali G. Ali G is a character he plays and Borat is another character played by the same actor.
ME: (Say it with me) Ooooohhh!

*gritting my teeth*

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