Friday, January 25, 2008

Priscilla, oh, Priscilla

I haven't worked at Hellz Kitchen in about 9 months and I get a call from Priscilla (the replacement aka the new PA) and this is how the conversation goes:
Me: Hello
P: Hey there how are you?
Me: Good
P: Question for ya
Me: ok
P: Mr. Orange Conhead from Monkeys Inc hasn't shown up to work in over a week and they are getting worried about him. The number we have on file is an old number for him but I see here that you sent him a new ATM last March
Me: ATM? Whats an ATM?
P: Acknowledgement of Terms of Employment
Me: oh u mean ATE?
P: Yes. Anyway the phone number we have on file is from 2003 and im wondering whether you would know where I could find an updated number for him.
Me: oh ok. Please hold as I pull up my Rolodex that I keep with past employees from companies that I dont even work for anymore......

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