Wednesday, February 07, 2007

glass ceiling

For some reason, women make up about 70% to 80% of my entire company. It might have something to do with the whole Womens Business something something that we are part of, but pretty much everyone I know is female. Especially at corporate.

Most if not all these females are total bitches! They are the most inconsiderate, emotional and moody fuckers I've ever had to deal with. Granted I've never met any of them since I come from a small branch and there are 35branches all over the country, but I still get to correspond with them through email and whatnot and I have to say...ITS NOT FUN.

I hate all of them. Bitches!

Working for this company makes me realise why there is a glass ceiling concept and that coming from a woman is a SAD thing. But too many women in the work place definately spoil the broth.

Everyone is trying to proove just how important they are. Everyone is such a princess and they think that everyone elses lives revolves around them...but guess what bitches? IT DOESNT.

My advise to these bitches is GROW. THA.FUCK.UP!