Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You get an E for Effort!

PA: Good Morning, this is *******
None Other Than(NOT): Hey PA it’s NOT. I didn’t get my check yesterday so I missed my hair appointment and now they don’t have another hair appointment available for a whole week. But that’s not your fault(No $h!t). I think it’s because Monday was a holiday(presidents day).
PA: The system shows that your check was mailed out on Tuesday as it they normally are.
NOT: Yeah. I figured as much. It’ll probably be in the mail today.
PA: Yes. Hopefully.
NOT: All right. That’s all. Thank you.
PA: You’re welcome.

*** Somehow, I think that whole phone conversation could have been avoided! and telling me about your hair appointment doesn't make the situation any more serious in my mind. This woman is driving me crazy. How can one person be so needy?****

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