Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I HATE MEN! UGH! Women too!
Pet peeve# 577969431295 in form of a story:-
One of my friends gets text msgs on her boyfriends phone that insinuates he's cheating. She calls the girl the texts are sent to and she confirms that he's been hitting on her. She confronts him. Proof in hand and he says he's disappointed that she went through his phone and denies sending the text msgs (even though the proof is right infront of him). Conversation ends..WITHOUT HER DUMPING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!
and is restarted two days later when she tells him that she wants "All or nothing" to which he says "I need a break".
Do you see what just happened there?
This girl!!!! UGHHHHH!!! knowing her boyfriend was working towards cheating on her still wants to make things work with him and he gets to break up with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WTF??? thats my question!
I hate men and women equally!!!
I feel bad for her but those text msgs were a msg so loud and clear: HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! Ugh! when will people learn????

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