Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reasons why men suck!

I got these from a different site! but I agree with all of them!

When a guy says some girl is hot and everyone else says she is a bitch and he says it doesn’t matter, she's HOT as though that makes up for it.

When you are at a bar/ club/watching Lindsey Lohan and a woman clearly has fake breasts but she is hot. Men will use all their force to try to convince you and namely themselves that her boobs are in fact real, as though having real boobs will actually give them a chance with this girl. “No man, they’re real!! They have to be real!” Take it from those of use who have the damn things, they are fake! God did not make women’s bodies to look like that, extreme makeover did. So yes, Lindsey Lohan’s boobs are fake, yes Britney’s boobs are fake, yes Xtina’s boobs are fake, and there is a 99% chance that if her boobs are big, well shaped and she is super thin then they are fake. And yes, people our age do have fake boobs, so just stop using that as one of your rationalizations.

When you are talking to a man regarding their ex and they say something like “but she broke up with ME” as though this minor detail somehow erases them of any responsibility for things that went wrong in a relationship. Maybe she broke up with you because you sucked as a boyfriend!

When men are attracted to women not because of who they are but because of how much they fit into the stereotype of what women should be (boring, needy, whiny, bitchy, naggy). And then they spend hours talking about how women are boring, needy, whiny, bitchy, naggy. Maybe if you didn’t date these awful women and actually were attracted to people based on liking them as opposed to how much they remind you of your mother you would not think that women suck.

Pushing a woman’s head down. DON’T DO THAT!!

When men tell you, “shut up about being single. You could get any guy you wanted.” Now honestly, if I could get any guy I wanted do you think I’d be sitting here alone at this bar talking to you. Also saying that the ugly guy with far too much confidence who just skeezily hit on me counts as a pick up is completely irrational. People who will hit on anything do not count. Also this comment just assumes that any women is just single because she wants to be and if she really wanted a man she should just try a little harder to notice the assholes who are throwing themselves at her. So angry!!! This “you must not be trying hard enough” argument is just like the whole American dream lie. The problem with this idea as well as with the American Dream is that no one actually admits that you can’t really have this “American dream” of getting any man you want. In reality this completely ignores the reality of situational factors.

How men will see a girl and think she is hot even though she is wearing a truly heinous outfit which includes one or more of the following: ugly platform sandals from Cathy Jean circa 1991, bad animal print, you can fill the rest in. Look at the details!! Why can’t men appreciate a well put together outfit!!


Shnubz said...

KINFO! I am in hysterics... this was beautifull....... Kinfo Men SUCK they do they do they do.... what can I say except for the fact that they are just the worst possible creatures alive. And women suck to... now let me break it down for you...

You see women suck because: they are jealous, insecure, without any goals other than to land a rich man. God they are sooo dumb.. okay and then when these stupid supermodels talk about being insecure, I am sooo sorry dude but I just can't relate. Cus you know what they spend their lives posing in thongs, making girls like us suffer, cus all our men think about is them. THEY ARE BITCHES ALLL OF THEM. And then we sit there and go "I love so and so" no I don't. You know what if I freaking walked around and wore nothing and a plunging neckline I would be a whore, but they can do it and its all okay they are classy. Fuck men, women are our own worse enemies. WHatever man they all suck. No pride what so ever. Its a mans world, and we are just eating out of their hands.

Reasons why I hate men:
Not only do they suck,
but they are perverts, unloyal, too good at being men, and again perverts. Let me tell you what drives men: WOMEN. You see every man has this dream to be rich, have a nice car, stereo, house,... well my dear why do they want all those things.. TO GET WOMEN. You see a woman is a status symbol. The prettier the woman the more succesfull the man. Its corelational. Now think about it, beautiful women like Melania settle for Donald Trump. WHy the hell is n't it the other way around. It can't because women have settled with being used and abused. No man loves a woman, they love the looks, sex and feeling of superiority. Take good old Mr. Hefner I mean does that man even need one girlfriend, the guy has been around since the beginning of time. I mean he freakin was around with dinosaurs roamed the world so ooo why does he need girlfriend 1, 2 and 3, and why do they need him? Its a sick world my man... a sick world.


You know what else... you were right about the American dream, these isn't one. I mean honestly lets put it this way, unless you look like freakin Pamela Anderson or Melania your not going to get a good looking man. Oh and also I wish people would stop saying that being fat is okay cus its not.... I mean honestly why do we fool ourselves. We all like beautiful people, and sorry to break it to the world or rather America, but beautifl people are thin, THIN, THIN, THIN. So while the rest of the world puffs their chests out,and call themselves big boned and shiz, I am will just hang my head over toilet, and succumb to the grizzly truth that untill I can't see all my 12 ribs on each side, I am just not good enough. Its a sick world, a sick world.

By the way, news week has just said that anorexia is starting as early asthe age of 8. Meaning little girls who have put themselves on liquid diets just so that they can be "hot" Iam sorry but shouldn't these little girls be playing in the sun, and getting grass stains on their clothes? NO I think I am wrong, we should all be puking our lungs out like Gisselle,a nd then actlike this 84 pound body just happened over night...

SICK SICK SICK.......... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nataleesthot said...

Oh God! Kinfo!! You are killing me! You seriously are!!!!!!!!!!!11 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! tha hanging your head over the toilet to look like gisele???? I MEAN!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
I totally almost peed in my pants while reading that..
Tears streaming down my face because THAT was beautiful!
I'm sorry..It couldn't be said ANY better! Seriously! I hate both MEN AND WOMEN!!!!!!!!
THey all suck! Everyone sucks!
and these Idiot women who call themselves "hopeless romantics?"
Yeah ahuh! why don't you just call yourself an no-brain imbicile? Huuh?
WHAT THA FREAK?? LOVE doesnt exist anymore! LUST does!!!
Fuck men! love tha sex and then drop them on their heads before they drop YOu on your head! thats the only way to get anything done!
Useless pieces of shit!
and men!!! I hate liars and all men are liars! fuck liars! they should all be sent to the gas chamber! ughhh! I'm so mad!