Thursday, April 27, 2006

Camille Paglia

“Lesbianism is increasing since anxious, unmasculine men have little to offer”…. Camille Paglia couldn’t have said it better even if she tried to. This is one of the only things that she and I agree on.

Camille Paglia seems as though she opposes anyone who isn’t in the art world by applauding teachers that teach students who “are not going to be big shot executives”. She sounds really bitter and comes of an angry-butch-extremist. She is constantly berating the feminist movement yet she doesn’t provide superior alternatives. She calls herself a feminist yet I haven’t read anything that she says to support women.

She says that she is against people such a Rosie O’Donnell who have subjected their children to the “glare of the spotlight” to make a political point and that’s why she kept the birth of Lucien (her son) out of the public eye, then she says that “now that I’m back in public after five years of writing this book (her current book titled Burn,…) it’s perfectly legitimate information”. How? Why is it ok when she does it and not ok when Rosie O’Donnell does it?

According to her, top universities are so bent out of shape on letting it be known that they are for affirmative action that they use it as a marketing tool. She walked a thin line when she said that “by supporting affirmative action, there has been a slow decline in respect for genuine scholarship”…I’m not even going to go into that.

Jim Multen was right when he said “with feminists like this, who needs men?”

I’m hoping that by attending her lecture tomorrow, I will be able to change my opinion of her because at this point, I’m not necessarily impressed.

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