Thursday, March 20, 2008

When bad clothes happen to crazy people

So, crazy Heather McCartney a.k.a Ms. Outlandish is getting ready to go to court to hear the verdict on how much of her former husbands fortune, she’s going to get and she says to her stylist:

Ms. Outlandish: So, I’m probably getting $50million dollars which isn’t much. I wanted more. (GOLD DIGGING HEFFER)

Sylist: Yeah. That’s a b*tch…that A-hole! We have to make you look fierce. Let’s show him how hot you truly are.

Ms. Outlandish: YEAH!

Stylist: I know, lets put you in a clown outfit…BUT! With a twist. We’ll make it look like you are wearing a 70s suit. Maybe a Zoot suit? Nah. That’s too much..I’ll tone it down. You’ll be HOTT!

She showed to court looking like that. The judge gave her one look and awarded $24million dollars. Why? Because clowns don’t need $50 million!

Ps: Ms. Outlandish, Fire your stylist!! Wearing bright red lipstick with bright red eyeshadow is a crime against fashion..but THAT outfit is a crime against humanity.