Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Anyone who even remotely knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for all things girly and brainless…chick flicks, chick music, angry girl music…you name it, I'm all about it… In fact, one of my favorite movies of all time is '10 things I hate about you'….R.I.P Heath Ledger…
The Danity Kane album came out yesterday and I have been going crazy trying to find it because it seems to be sold out everywhere…I went to target yesterday and the general manager told me that it's probably not on the shelf because a lot of people called in sick…
um??? I didn't get it…but I'm assuming he meant, to say "go fuck yourself"
So I decide that I'm getting it today come rain or shine! it is actually raining today. How fitting!
along with liking girly knick knacks, I also like being able to sample shiz before it's reviewed. That way, I can have an honest opinion of my investment….If I read a movie/music review before I listen to the album or watch the movie, I freak out and don't watch it…why? Most chick flicks/albums get a C grade…but if I've already bought the album and it gets a C rating??? Who gives a shit? I LOVE it! I'm a little screwy I must admit.... I didn't watch 27 dresses because I waited too long to go see it and by then I'd heard that it wasn't that great of a movie…I still regret not seeing it opening weekend…but I digress
Anyway, I go to another target today and it's sold out there too, then to Barnes and Noble and its sold out there…so I drive to the ghetto mall knowing it couldn't be sold out there and sure enough, it's not…at the checkout counter, I'm talking to the douche and telling him how I've been everywhere and couldn't find the album and he says to me:
"I know, it's sold out everywhere! I'm surprised we still have it at this store. Yesterday I went to about three targets before I found it and even then it was one of the last copies" um…….I'm I missing something? I don't get it….how and why would he go to target if he works at F.Y.E??? Even worse, why would he go to THREE different targets??? Who is this idiot and why I'm I trusting him to correctly run my credit card transaction??? Where is his baby sitter?
Welcome to the Dollhouse is a great dance album…I'm loving it…so far…I haven't listened to the entire CD yet...But so far…it's awesome….I love my brainless chick music…
I could be brainy and use big words, watch intelligent movies, read boring books and prove to the world that I'm super smart, a genius in fact…or I could have subscriptions to Instyle magazine,Vogue, Bazaar magazine and Marie Claire, listen to Danity Kane, watch "my fair brady" religiously all the while maintaining a 4.0 and being the fabulous person that I am now….. I think I'll stay the same and let my work speak for itself. Part of being a genius is being able to switch it on and off.
PS: I love how Diddy doesn't let the world forget that he is the queen B of bad boy….all his little snippets are thrilling …. NOT!
Oh yeah, if you're wondering, I just justified my purchase of the Danity Kane album...I love blogging