Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jennifer Love-WTF?

Who dressed this poor woman? Why for the love of god almighty why??
..Whats with the bowtie on the front of that unflattering dress? Bowties are fine but if you're going to have one on a yellow dress then get dramatic with it..the bigger, the better. Everyone will understand. The pants with the shoes are atrocious.Wrong in EVERY sense of the word!
Word on the street is that this outfit was actually meant for Miley Cyrus. She took one look and said "HEoll to the NO!"

Friends shouldn't let friends leave the house dressed like that. Remember to love one another b*tches!


Pan/Thanatos said...

Oh man that IS ugly. It's like she's trying to mix a 1950's home-maker with 1990's whore culture.

Nataleesthot said...

exactly..her wedges/espadrilles are from the 90s for it's just spring! Why is she breaking out the espadrilles?