Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can you walk in heels?

Sergio Rossis creative director, Edmundo Castillo is in the May 2008 issue of Marie Claire giving tips on how to wear heels...

1. Change heel heights several times a day. Feet and legs shouldn't be allowed to mold themselves to any one shoe shape. (I could try that. I usually take my shoes off while I'm at my desk so I think I have this one covered)
2. Shoes are an emotional accessory; hurt your feet, hurt your feelings (whoa! slow down there...I read about the furniliac...or whatever that person who was loving his patio table is but emotions tied to shoes?? really??)
3. Befriend a salesperson who will tell you if a shoe will actually feel as good as it looks. (The people at the payless in my mall don't give a shit about me)
4. If you feel all the weight in the front of your foot, this heel's your arch enemy- literally.
5. Your foot needs to 'sit' in a shoe. If you can wedge two fingers between your sole- bye,bye
6. Platforms should be no more than one-and-a-half inches high- or you're dangling off a cliff. (I'll definitely be telling this to all my stripper friends. They could add "dangling off a cliff" to their lengthy resumes)
7. Think Cinderella: A heeled shoe must fit perfectly. Faking it with the wrong size will get ugly. (But the size options are so limited at Ross!)
8. Don't shoe shop with swollen feet e.g, when it's hot or right after exercise.
9. To elongate your legs, ankle straps should sit above the ankle bone. (oh men! anyone ever gotten those ankle strap shoes from payless that have elastic straps??? those bitches HURT!)
10. Still wobbling when you walk in your heels? Practice

Alright bitches.. Consider yourselves informed. The question remains: Can you walk in heels? Say it with me: "YES WE CAN!" May these ten steps guide you in the right direction in your future shoe lives.


1/3 of what I used to be said...

LMAO thanks for the tips. But um does balance come with these tips?? Thats what I'm lacking lol

Amen @ #7! If I see another chick with their feet dangling out some shoes I will scream! LOL

Nataleesthot said...

LOL! My feet hurt when I see peoples feet hanging off their peep toe pumps..... I hurt for them. Does that make me compassionate?