Monday, July 10, 2006


ME: Good Morning, this is S******
Imbecile (with thick ass African accent): Oh, Good Morning PA!.
ME: Good Morning! (I’m having a rather cheery morning)
Imbecile: By now you should be used to my voice
ME: Ummm?
Imbecile: You mean you don’t know who this is?
Me: Um. Not really.
Imbecile: Oh! I’m very hurt by that!
Me: OK
Imbecile: Oh! Molly! You African woman! You are going to be mean to me like that? *chuckle, chuckle*
Me: *fake chuckle, chuckle* (by now I’ve already figured out who it it) Is this ****?
Imbecile: HAHA Yes! You are so mean. You don’t even care. I tell you that you have hurt my feelings and you say ok?
ME: hahah(wishing this man would state the purpose of his call so I can move on with my life)
Imbecile: At least I’ve made your day right?
Me: (Sweet Jesus I'm I on punked?) Yes.
Imbecile: (With an air of pride that made me want to puke) That’s good. Last week when entering my time into the system I put in the wrong date. I put in week ending 07/30 but it was for last weeks hours.
Me: Yes. I noticed that you the timecard was post-dated
Imbecile: (Sounding irritated). You African woman! You knew I had made a mistake and you still didn’t call me to tell me?
Me: Well, actually I get some post-dated timecards from other contractors and I figured, if you post dated it and your manager approved it, then it must be correct.
Imbecile: No. No. it wasn’t you should have called to check
Me: *Silence* (inwardly I wanted to remind this fool that it’s his responsibility to hand in his timecard correctly. I have 300 people on my payroll. It’s up to them to give me correct timecards and up to me to get them paid. If you do something incorrectly and your manager backs it up, TOUGH LUCK! You loose SUCKER! Better luck next lifetime!)
Imbecile: Can you get me paid for those hours today? I have no money.
Me: (I’ll give you $100,000 for problems that I don’t give a shit about!) Sure. I’ll get in touch with Corporate to see if I can just pay it. But more likely that not you’ll have to go back in and enter it correctly. Let me have your # and I’ll let you know in about an hour…

Point of my story is why? Dear lord why? I promised never to drink again. I’ve been good. I was happy and now I just have a bad taste in my mouth!


Anonymous said...

I love that he kept calling you "African Woman". I love it. Hilarious. He may not have meant it this way but, it's like he's making certain you don't forget that he knows that you know, that he know that you know he knows, that you know he knows you're an African woman and therefore, you must treat your "African King" with the utmost respect. Do you mind if I call you "African Woman" as well?


Nataleesthot said...

No! You know my name. If you feel the need to relate to me on some level you need to some up w/ something other than our shared heritage which by the and I don't share!