Monday, September 25, 2006


Dear Merlot,

Bonsouir mon a mi!

It was great to be at your birthday festivities this past weekend. It made me appreciate the fact that life gives us options (obviously you picked one that I wouldn’t have). For your birthday, you chose to give as a night in the twilight zone. Started off with a mind- numbing French movie (subtitles and all) with a live soundtrack. Now in theory, this was a very neat idea. But in actuality I thought of several thousand different ways to kill myself during the whole hour and a half that we watched this movie in silence. There was not enough wine in the city to drown out the boredom. After the movie we went to a “quaint little place” that was actually pretty cool. It almost made up for the 5 flights of stairs we had to go through (Ever heard of elevators? Escalators? I felt like I was on a game show) only to get to an Ill-lite room with a magnificent view of the city. That I’ll give you. It was a gorgeous view up there. So bravo is my word for that.

You’re a 30something year old dude. Still very much in your early thirties. Your birthday was on a Friday (not everyone gets to be this lucky). Why couldn’t we just go to a bar, drink beers and high-five each other? Is being cultured, all about doing certain things off a checklist just to show you and others how classy a person is/can be? Can you tell Classy from Bullshit?



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Tommy said...

Dang Ms. Lady Ma'am,

You ain't gotta be all like dat. Dude shows you some lov with the invite and this is how you repay him? Some people don't like beers.

Now that I got that out of the way, yeah I feel you on the stairs thing. You can't be making people exercise after drinks and a boring a$$ movie (I hope it wasn't a home video of a recent vacation).