Friday, September 22, 2006


Chart for Women

Height Frame

4'10" 102-111
4'11" 103-113
5'0" 104-115
5'1" 106-118
5'2" 108-121
5'3" 111-124
5'4" 114-127
5'5" 117-130
5'6" 120-133
5'7" 123-136
5'8" 126-139
5'9" 129-142
5'10" 132-145
5'11" 135-148
6'0" 138-151

If your weight is more than 10 pounds heavier than what the weight chart above says you should be, Please do not wear

Contrary to popular belief, skinny jeans are not for everyone. Please do us all a favor and keep up with fashion trends that work well with your body type.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tommy said...

Yeah yeah. I feel you on this on playa playa!!! Keep that up at the top on the daily.

Peace and Hairgrease in the Middle East...

Bluto Scones said...

One style I HATE is the mall whore girls, you know the ones who walk around in their Hollister micro mini jean skirt with an A&F polo and Old Navy flip flops talking on their pink cell phone with their over-sized fake sunglasses. How can they think that they look so trendy when they basically look like everyone else.