Tuesday, September 19, 2006

P-P-PPick up a liar!

Me: So you told her you play Tennis and have exclusive memberships to different Tennis clubs in the area?
T-Man: Yeah. So to speak. That was one of the requirements on her post.
Me: What were the other “requirements”?
T-man: Umm..I don’t know. Things like You had to be taller than 5”11, educated… stuff like that.
Me: Are you 5”11
T-man: No. I’m 5”6
Me: Ok……???
T-man: Yeah. We’re going to meet for lunch or dinner later in the week and then play tennis next week.
T-man: Yeah. She seems like a really cool person and I look forward to getting to know her a little better.
Me: But you’re lying to her.
T-man: Yeah. I’m just laying the ground work. Getting my foot in the door. You know. That kind of thing.
Me: If she’s such a nice person, don’t you feel guilty about lying?
T-man: No. Not really. I figure being the size that she is, she doesn’t really play tennis. She probably used to when she was younger and slimmer but not now.
Me: So how do you plan to pull off playing tennis next week
T-man: I’ll just get a racket and rent a tennis court at a fitness center and the rest will follow.
Me: Isn’t that a lot of trouble for someone you aren’t even interested in?
T-man: Nah. I think of it as fun.

I don’t get it. He doesn’t have to lie, but it’s the choice he makes and then he goes out of his way to cover his lies and all this would make sense if he was at least interested in this chick…..but sadly..no….

……................Craigslist- The paradise of liars.............................


Tommy said...

This "T-Man" dude sounds like a real scoundrel (I've always wanted to use the word 'scoundrel' for some reason, but I digress). As with ALL liars, his lies will soon be uncovered and he'll have to hide his head in shame.

Nataleesthot said...

Yes. His lies aren't harmful but they are lies never the less. Two types of fulls, I can't hang with...Liars and pretenders. He's lying about shit and he's pretending to be some pro-tennis player...Umm..mmm.mmmm!

All in the name of fun. Isn't that just lovely?

Tommy said...

You're absolutely right. It's disgusting. This "T-Man" dude needs to seriously get a life. As I said before, the lies will soon be discovered and time is not on his side.