Tuesday, October 17, 2006

$45k for a trendy pair of Christian Louboutins??

Dear Mr/ Mrs. I drive a Chrysler 300 therefore I must be oh so special,

First things first.....

MSRP* starting at: $24,555 300C SRT8 as shown: $43,195
is not 2006 Bentley Arnage Styles MSRP Price Range: $212,990 - $243,990

The simple fact that people would buy a Chrysler and try to pass it off for a Bentley(oh yeah I've you pricky bastards on the road with your Humongous sunglasses acting like Diddy aint got shit on you!) is pathetic... Either you have a Bentley or you don't. You all have this air about you when you "float" around in your giant-for-nothing-plastic-shells-you-call-automobiles.
If you can't afford something you don't need to try so hard...the inventors of Chryler showed a severe lack of innovation when they decided to act like street vendors and start mass producing knock-offs. Seriously...how unfathomable is it when someone's paying a $35k car loan and acting like they are paying a $300k car loan? Others go to the extreme of paying extra to get 'custon-made-grills' that make it look more like a Bentley...so not only are you paying a car loan, you are also paying a grill loan, a rim loan among other things....all in the name of looking like you are a baller...ITS PATHETIC....for that kinda money in loans you might as well have bought a mercedes, a bmw or a lexus..in otherwords... a real luxury vehicle!

Chrysler 300's have always been on my shit list from the first day I saw them.... They are a shiteous idea and I have no clue how it passed from the little man to the big wigs at Chrysler......and onto the Market..then again..didnt they used to have that fish looking Chrysler Sebring back in 2001? How long did that shitiousness last??? They are almost non-existent today..just as these 300's will go out of style within another yr or two...getting a Chrysler 300 is like paying $45k for a trendy pair of shoes you can barely afford...bitch you know that shit aint gone stay hot in the market..WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?



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