Friday, October 27, 2006

Dark nail polish is my achilles hill

So after watching the suckfest, I went home and decided to try out my new OPI lincoln after dark nail polish of the most sort after colors of this fall season(thank you trixie. you do right by your fellow fashion whores). This stuff is selling out before it hits the shelves. I've had it for a few wks but hadn't gotten the time to paint my nails...dark nail polishes take so much more work than lighter ones. In light of that little fact I decided to watch one of those movies that lasted 2wks on big screen. Phat girls. WRONG MOVE. I thought marie suckanette was horrible, this was worse. Unlike the suckfest though, this movie had a plot...a really cliche boring one but a plot nontheless. It's about this two hundred plus pounder who has dreams of designing clothes for her fellow heavy weights ...only she couldn't find anyone to finance her dream. Somehow, she ends up winning a trip to a fancy luxury resort which she and her two friends drove to in a Chrysler Sebring (I blogged about them before) and she meets this Rich Nigerian Dr who is attracted to her because " In Nigeria a womans largeness depicts a higher social standing" (This is sadly true but only in remote villages)...anyway..i fell asleep somewhere around that because next thing I know it's 3am and the DVD menu is playing and I have nail polish smudged on my palms (please tell me how) and my nail polish had all these different textures….

UGH! Hate my life!

So it’s 3 am, I had to wake up, take the smudged nail polish off and put on two fresh coats then sleep like a gymnast in my effort to not smudge it again.

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