Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Best Buy is having a ridiculous DVD sale. I went into the Reston Town Center store after work and almost had a heart attack. I could've easily spent $300 on DVDs with no problem. They're selling movies for as low as $3.99. And I mean good movies.

At one point, I had about 15 movies in my hand. I've never used one in Best Buy but yesterday I got close to picking up a hand basket. With all of those movies in my hand, I finally realized that I can't possibly justify purchasing them all. So now comes the big decision time. Which movies do I keep and which do I return? I felt like a crack addict. My palms were sweaty. My heart was racing. My mind had 3000 thousand thoughts all going simultaneously. "Someone told me this one is good so I should keep it but how do I know we have similar tastes?" "I've seen this one but I really really want it but I already seen it but I really want it". "Oh my goodness, I've never heard of this one but it really looks good".

Ultimately I only bought 3 (House Of Flying Daggers $6.99, The Bourne Supremacy $6.99 and Hostel $8.99) because, well, I wanted to be able to drive, eat, wash clothes and have at least a little fun with my daughter this month. So I had to calm down. I've always loved Best Buy but now, I don't know whether I should slap them or ask for the chain's hand in marriage for making go through that torture.


Nataleesthot said...

LOL! That was beautiful!!

The beauty for me is in the fact that you are so obviously overwhelmed by the whole cheap dvd fiasco that you either want to hurt them or marry them.....Many a time..have I gotten myself caught up in such's hard I tell ya....HARD

PS: Did they have series on sale..such as "Friends" "will and grace" "sex and the city" etc?

Tommy said...

I didn't notice. My guess is no. Especially for the series that you mentioned because those shows were popular and the DVDs are selling very well.

Nataleesthot said...

Well darn! Then this sale doesn't help me! :(

Tommy said...

I ended up buying 5 more inexpensive movies ($27.99 no tax)which brought my total for that week to 8. But now I'm upset because I'm sort of in a pinch for money so I may have to return the last 5 that I bought. Whoa is me!