Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Repetition for emphasis

It's a pre-requirment that all my contractors pass their drug tests before they can be hired....Someone always gets caught with their pants down and more often than not..they know they are going to get caught(makes you wonder why they take the test anyway). Last week someone didn't know they were going to get caught.

Friday August 04, 2006
PA a.k.a ME(to contractors manager/Man in charge): Hi! I just wanted to let you know that dolt did not pass her drug test and we therefore will not be bringing her on to our staff.
Man in charge(MIC): What?
MIC: Ohh ok. I'll let her know.
PA: thank you. bye.

Monday Aug 07, 2006
MIC: Hi I just spoke with Dolt and she informed me that she's on prescription medications and I just wanted to let you know that thats why she failed her test.
PA: Oh. Alright. By law the drs usually call the contractor to inform them that they failed the test and this gives them a chance to contest the results before the are release the their employer(ME)
**repetetion from MIC to Dolt and mumbling from Dolt**
MIC: She says she didn't get a call from anybody informing her (Is it by any chance because she was high and therefore doesnt remember the phone call now?)
PA: All that she can do now is get written confirmation from her Dr and take it to the drug testing company and contest the results.
MIC: Allright I'll let her know.

Tuesday August 08, 2006

MIC: I have Dolt and her Dr's office on the line and they would like to verify that they did indeed prescribe the medications that came up on the results.
PA(to the 10 people on the phone call): allright. For that you would have to contact the drug company and inform them that the medications were prescribed and they will let you know what to do next. Their number is 1-800-eat-shit.
Dr's office: Can we just fax the prescription to you?
Me: No. that would have to be done through the drug testing company.
MIC: Dolt, did you get that?
Dolt: Yes. I did. thank you.

Wednesday August 09, 2006

MIC: I have Dolt right here with me in my office with a letter from her Dr outlining all the medications they have put her on with a signature and a Dr's seal.
PA: Ok. Tell Dolt to take it to the Drug Test Company and tell them that she's contesting the results and give them that info.
MIC: Ok. I'll have her do that. thank you.

At this point I think MIC is the one on drugs! how many times do I have to repeat the same thing in the same monotone before they truly understand that it's not part of my job description, nor I'm I qualified to make such assesments?

HOW MANY? Five bucks says I'll hear from MIC tommorow again....Oh i cant wait!


Anonymous said...

I will double your five bucks, MIC will come in with Dolt and the Dr with the sealed letter and tell you the same story.

smartass said...

Haha...I would recommend said doctor checks their ears too. Maybe there's some bloackage that's impeding their hearing. Geez!

Nataleesthot said...

Oh my goodness! They called again to the point where I had to call the Drug testing company to get them off my back....

UGH! some people just cant help but truly SUCK!

Bluto Scones said...

The things you do for money, Lil sis. Pray that I win the lottery so you dont have to deal with them crazies.

Bluto Scones said...

(still shaking head in disbelief)

Bluto Scones said...

Suddenly gets the joke

(laughing uncontrollably)

What a bunch of nuts y'all are.