Tuesday, August 01, 2006

God gave us family..........

I come from a family of four. Three girls, one lonely boy. Three of us live here(in the US of A) and one of my sisters lives continents away. She is currently visiting 'us' and since both my other siblings live in the same city, she set up camp over there which means I have to get off my fat ass and visit her highness(which I don't mind at all!). It's really expensive to get a last minute ticket from where I am to Waxahachie so I sent a text msg(dont you just love technology) to my brother and my other sister who lives here. Keep in mind that I'm a last born and fairly young(georgeous, fabulous..the list goes on)

"I would like to come to Waxahachie but can't afford to. The ticket is about ****. Can you chip in to help?"

43 minutes later I get a call from my sister.

Kin(my sister): Hey
Me: Hey
Kin: Whats up? Whats this about a ticket?
Me: Yeah. It's really expensive and I can't afford it
Kin: How much is it?
Me: $***
Kin:How much do you have?
Me: $***
Kin: So where are you going to get the rest of the money?
Me: Did you call to ask me that? I send you a text msg asking for financial help and you call me to ask me where the $$ is going to come from?
Kin: What? You don't want to talk to me?
Me: **Silence**
Kin: Whatever. I'm going to work.
Me: Bye.
Kin: Bye.

Ohhhhhhh my good God! WTF just happened there? Thank heavens I choose my friends!


Tommy said...

That's funny. It's very similar to responses given in that "court room" blog. Give your sister a mulligan on this one.

Nataleesthot said...

Nah. KNowing her there is no point in a do-over. That conversation was shot to hell.. It's sometimes almost impossible to get she and I on the same page.

Bluto Scones said...

funny convo' there I know the feeling. Classic WTF? moment.