Wednesday, December 21, 2005


my replacement only has 17,21654503216846516548465 questions for me and it's a series of repetitions then she'll question my answers...which I for example she asks me a question about some account and I wasn't working that account. It had been passed off to someone in my team to reduce my work load and so I tell her to contact Rachael*(the lady in my team who handled the account and would understand better) she shoots me back an email and tells me that looking at her "account rep sheet" (that I made for her by the way) it shows that she should contact Sam*....WHAT THA FUCK???? If you're soo damned smart why did you ask me in the first place? and plus that was a basic question about the account..Sam is the Rep on the account but he has nothing to do with Accounts Receivable...WHAT THA FUCK??? WHY do I have to say this? WHy do I have to have this stupid conversation? WHY? I mean if you're going to question my answers then why don't you just do it wrong and get corrected a long the way?? FUCKIN SHIT!

and she does this all tha freaking she'll ask me about some customer and I'll tell her this is how you do e.g Ned* and he'll let you know...then she looks through the account and sees different names so since Ned hasn't responded to the email she sent 15minutes ago, she decides to call Bob and ask Bob...well Rob has nothing to do with the function..he's name is on the account but he's just a company guy on site..knows nothing about AR(accounts receivable) and he sends an email to his boss wondering what tha crap the woman is talking about..then his boss shoots an email to my boss, Ms. annoyings boss and me asking what tha crap is going on..then my boss says shoots me an email "Slave girl, please assist Ms. Annoying" then I have to reply all on Bobs email and tell him that it will be taken care of...and then reply separately to my boss's email and tell her that I'll help Ms. Annoying..then email Ms. Annoying a and tell her Ned is the only person who would know the answer..only to get an email back that 'since he wasn't responding, I thought I'd look around see if someone else has an answer!!!!!!!!!!" I MEAN WHAT THA FUCK YOU OVER-EFFICIENT BIATCH!!! it's not're not helping!!!!.

All that run around could have been avoided because A. maybe Ned is at lunch? or B. Maybe Ned has the day off, C. Maybe Ted is doing some research and will reply to your email shortly...GOODD LORD WHAT THA CRAP DO YOU WANT FROM ME? THIS IS REALLY TESTING MY PATIENCE... I understand that she would have questions..thats normal..but I don't appreciate her second guessing my answers and creating a raukus all over the place and inadvertedly increasing my work load! CRAPIOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

*employee names have been changed..DUH

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