Thursday, December 08, 2005


Well well well....... isn't life peachy.. NOT!!
Kinfo my man, I think I have given a new meaning to the word PMS. I mean who thought a person could get this agitiated over nothing. I mean seeing certain people in the hallway pisses me off, I almost wanted to punch a woman I saw today cus she irritates me. Then there is my new official title"Office Errand Boy" I mean what the hell....... I AM SOOOOO IRRITATED........

And you know what irritates me... I just saw on MSN.COM Entertainment section ofcoarse an article about how Kate Moss is bouncing back and is turning her downfall into a new beginning. HELLO people we all saw her litterally snort a truckload of cocaine... she goes to rehab for less than a month, and now ofcoarse she is all cured. I mean why would we think anything else. I mean it takes people years and even lifetimes to kick the whole coke habit, but I mean why would it take Kate Moss more than a month, I mean she is a super model, and they didn't put the word Super in there for nothing!

Sooo pretty much I am already feeling better now that I have bitched.. but really why do I have such a yuck look on life, I want to think life is beautiful.. I have decided I am turnign it around, I am going to live for today, and try to see the beauty in things.. what do you say Kinfo.... a new attitude?? let me know cus you know I can't make a decision without the other half of my brain!!!

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Nataleesthot said...

Here is the deal about the new PMS! you are justified in feeling angry. as long as you don't act on your violent are good.

Just like a coke addiction, you can't wake up today and all of a sudden start looking at life like a thornless bed of roses...Why?
You want to know why? Because you have to take the thorns out of the roses first. It's a step by step situation...
If you want to wake up tommorow and start working on living for the moment. Taking in everything and absorbing the beauty of the world..I say MORE POWER TO YOU! but you just have to understand that it wont happen overnight..
Never does.
SO what I say to that is take you time..find your inner peace then tackle the negatives of this world with dignity adn grace both on the inside and the outside...
I mean you always handle everything with a lot of grace and candid humor on the outside but cringe on the inside and wish death to the idiotic people for their behaviour but once you find your inner will be able to accept people mistakes not as character flaws, but as the little things that differenciate us from one another adn make each one of us special in their own right..

UGH! I spit on that statement! but that's just me...once you accomplish the rose colored glasses theory..please teach the rest of you brain so that even I can achieve inner peace.

Dr. Phil...OUT