Friday, December 02, 2005

Stupid MEN!

Still in the spirit of loathing the existence of men! Here are more reasons why they suck!

Guys who don't talk to their girlfriends because they are incapable of emotional expression. Yes, I partially blame society for reinforcing the inability to relate emotionally to women, but come on, guys--grow up and TELL THEM WHAT YOU RE FEELING INSTEAD OF SULKING AWAY. PS--There are other "feelings" besides an erection.

Guys who complain they don't have a girlfriend and do nothing about it. Also, isn't it kind of weird that they just want "a girlfriend" and not someone in particular?

The fact that if a guy says he's from Stanford, it's generally a positive thing for picking up a girl. But if a girl says the same thing, guys are totally and automatically turned off.

Why does every freaking guy think that when girls get together we prance around in our undies and have pillow fights with our boobs flying all over the place? Sorry to break it to you boys but we have better things to do than grab our balls, wait, boobs. Sad day, tear. NOT.

I hate it when guys talk badly about girls to their male friends and then turn around to the girl and coo her with endearing crap. TELL IT TO HER FACE ASSHOLE. Now who's the bitch? TOOL.

Last thing: Girls DO NOT think about sex nearly as much as guys do. I haven't thought about sex in um, THREE MONTHS. That's right, bitches. Moral of this story: we have different agendas and I definitely don't care about yours, which means, I DO NOT FIND YOU HOT SO STOP THINKING THAT I WANT YOU. Who has the audacity to say: I know you want to have sex with me? WRONG. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK. Get out of my fucking way.

Guys who say they aren't picky. Try to set them up with someone, and they will come up with any reason to not date them (like, "i don't like girls with bangs"). What it usually means is that the guy isn't that picky when it comes to hooking up. But if it actually involves getting to know the girl before hand, or being seen in public with her, she had better be unimagineably hot and with the perfect personality. MORONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!Good luck finding perfection!

Guys who pretend to be gentlemen, to the extent that when you get to a door first, and try to go through it like any normal person, they SHOVE you out of the way so that they can hold it and push you through!! Then they bow their heads humbly to show you that they are more well mannered than you. GAAAA!

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