Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stupid things women do!

Still HATE people! In the spirit of being indiscriminate, here are somethings I found on women and their intense stupidity:

What STUPID things do bitches/girls do?! First of all, is this blog capable of posting infinite amounts of information?! Probably not, so I suppose that I must whittle down that infinite list of female idiocies to a select few that I feel the entire female population needs to become aware of.

1. When a gal refuses to give up her phone number after a guy has asked for it before, she will complain to her girlfriends that no one hits on her while she secretly wishes that he just tried a little harder and made her feel wanted. What? You're going to say you don't like feeling wanted? Uh huh...

2. Boneheads’/Girls’ complete obsession about the existence of LEAGUES. Telling a guy, “She’s out of your league” is like waving a red flag in a bull's face. Halfwits/girls need to (1) chill out, (2) get off your high horse, (3) and realize your probably not in the league you think you are. Teach this lesson to every numskull/girl you know so that I never have to witness another pack of girls whining about how there are no good guys in this bar/club. You're right, there are leagues; you probably don't know which one you have a membership to though.

3. When blonds/girls complain about cliché pick-up lines. When was the last guy you approached a guy out of the blue? That long ago? That's what I thought. Sac up or move on...

5. When dullards/girls think it’s okay for them to roam around in baggy pajama bottoms they got for free that say things like “Abercrombie” (I don’t care where your friends shop for you're birthday) and poorly fitting, ripped t-shirts. Why do girls think it’s acceptable for them to wander around looking like they just rolled out of bed? (Want to know the difference between American girls and European girls? Ask a Roman gal how many days her spends walking around Rome in her pajama bottoms, ripped t-shirt and sandals.) it's like, "uh, I'm so naturally hot that I don't have to give a damn about what I wear to look good. Nevermind that I mysteriously have lipstick, eyeliner, and my hair well-brushed."

6. When ditzs/girls grab on the door handle for every curve, turn, unexpected movement. Yeah, your shrieking really helps me focus. No really, it does.

7. When dolts/girls say that they have a healthy appetite and proceed to order a full meal to only eat 1/6th of each dish. Thanks bitch, I just paid for that. IT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SAME METABOLISMS AS US, so stop trying to prove otherwise to us. In real life, if you are just going to eat the side salad that comes with the meal, just order that rather than order a great steak your are going to waste. If you tell us you are going to eat it all, you're LYING. If you eat it in front of us, you're going to wish you didn't for the next 6 hours.

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