Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More like Joseph Iscariort!

He was 6"5, buff(about 230lbs) and flaming gay!(In my opinion)...a co-worker who had called me on a random Friday night wanting to "hang out". Since I wasn't doing much, I decided to go over to his place and meet his mum who was visiting from West Africa and he wanted her to meet some of his friends(me included). I drive over to his place and he's all dressed up(shirt and slacks) while Im wearing jeans and sneakers. I say a quick hallo to his mum who is standing in the driveway while he starts walking towards my car. He gets in and tells me to drive.

Me: Where are we going Mark: Don't worry. Just drive. You’ll see Me: Ok. Small talk for a little bit Mark: So do you read the bible? Me: HAHAHA! What? (I thought he was trying to be funny)Mark: Yeah. Do you read the bible? Are you religious? Me: No Not really but I do have a bible in my glove compartment that my brother put in my car Mark: Oh great. Let me get it. This was followed by about 2hrs of the man preaching to me about being religious and more importantly becoming a 7th day Adventist because all other religious (Christian or otherwise) are wrong. I was confused by what his intentions were and I hoped he would stop and be normal again but he kept going on and on while I’m contemplating suicide…maybe first degree murder..either way it seemed as though one of us needed to go.
I thought it was hilarious that all this was coming from a male model…and when I asked him how being a male model fits into his religion he says “I see myself as a modern day Joseph. Joseph was good looking and well-toned and a lot of the women in his town wanted him but he didn’t fall into temptation. He instead married a virgin.”...WHAT THA CRAP? I felt like I was in the twilight zone. He was totally normal at work and then BAM! Then he started telling me how he only dates people from his religion and how I should consider converting and that’s when I realized that I was on a date!The realization that I was on a date made that fateful Friday evening so much worse than it already was.

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