Thursday, May 18, 2006

Overly defensive fuckers!

People who get overly defensive over the wrong things annoy me. Example: someone says something about the way UMD men dress (neither positive nor negative. just a simple statement) and this is what follows
IM (Idiot Man): Would you rather wear our pants on our knees like rappers or would you rather we wear our pants so tight like 'white boys'?
Me: Idiot man why are you so defensive. What Kelly was saying was neither positive nor negative. Why do you always act like you have a poker up your butt?
IM: Why do you always have to bring up the gay sh*t? Anyway, I'd rather have a poker up my a$$ than a d*** any day!


First of all, being defensive about the way you dress when no ones attacking you...WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second, 'poker up your butt' is a figure of speech. Taking it literally....WRONG!!!!!!!
Lastly, for any straight man, there is no such thing as rather have this or that up their you-know-whats! It's just not an option! So telling me your preference and invertedly exposing your sexual preference...........WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

UGHHH DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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