Monday, May 08, 2006

A new kind of asshole.

I got a call from our corporate offices letting me know that one of our customers had been paying us for an employee’s hour but we haven’t been paying the employee. I looked in his folder and didn’t find any timecards. Next step according to standard protocol would be to contact the employee to verify that he did indeed work. Which he did. Where are his timecards? His manager has them. So I leave a voicemail for him manager asking for the timecard and he calls me back all irate asking me why I don’t have the timecards!
WTF? I’m confused wondering why this irritating man is shouting at me and what the crap I’m supposed to say to him. I mean how do you answer that question and not spew out all sorts of expletives at him and his mother (for bringing this evil bastard to the planet). Anyway he goes off on a tirade about how he doesn’t understand why my company doesn’t have a better system so that this problem would have been caught a few weeks ago…well the only way I know someone didn’t get paid is when they call me and tell me that they didn’t get paid and apparently this contractor makes so much money he didn't realise that he hasnt gotten paid in 3wks!!!so this man is out of his mind. I tried suggesting a fix for future problems where I would email him every Monday and I confirm that I’ve received the timecards and his response was that he has 5 contractors who have 5 different systems and the last thing he needs is for me to make his job harder by adding another step to his work….

I cant believe this fool. He was just a classic case. I have never spoken to anyone who irritated me that much….UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Just when you think that you have witnessed every form of human decay this planet has to offer, you get a wake up call and it's a slap from the gate keeper of hedes saying "MUHUHUHAHAHAHAHA"

People suck!

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Smartass said...

I looooooove the graphic! You're right. This guy is an idiot. Kinda of like my boss. Although my boss is the Headmaster of Darkness.