Friday, May 12, 2006

Seventy Five?

It was 4:24pm (I get off work at 4:30pm) and I was about to mail out something when I realized that I was out of overnight envelops. BUMMER! I don’t even know where they come from. So I call my courier company’s customer service and this is the conversation I had:

CSA (Customer Service Agent): Thank you for calling ______. How may I help you?
Me: Hi. My account # is _____ and I was wondering if this is the correct number to call to order more supplies. I’ve run out envelops and would like to have more mailed out to me.
CSA: Ok. No problem. You want “Express Envelops”
Me: Yes
CSA: How many?
Me: How many are in a pack?
CSA: 25
ME: ok. I want 3 packs please
CSA: That would be 75 envelops.
Me: (Thanks for the unnecessary display of your math skills) Yes. 75 envelops.
CSA: Ok. I’m putting in your order for 75 (Stresses the 75 as though I said 7500) envelops
Me: Yes. (It’s not like you are sending them to my home for personal use. You’re sending them to a company. 75 aren’t that many! In fact I should be ordering more!!!!!)
CSA: Anything else?
Me: Yes. I’d also like to order some mailing labels.
CSA: Ok. Sure. How many?
Me: (Let see Miss I-Know-All-About-Math I’m ordering 75 envelops, take a lucky guess how many labels I would want) how many are in a pack?
CSA: They come in bulk. Each pack has about 1500 mailing labels so if you want less than that you’ll have to give me a number like say 5 or 10.
Me: (Why would I order 10 when I have 75 envelops coming my way?) Ok. Please send me 75 labels.
CSA: 75?(sounding confused)
Me: (By now I’m so frustrated by this lady! And it’s 4:34pm) yes. Ma’am. 75 mailing labels.
CSA: Ok. I’ve put in your order for 75 envelops and 75 mailing labels. Is there anything else?
Me: No thanks. Thank you. Good bye!!!!

@ 4:37pm. Something tells me that this conversation shouldn’t have taken 13minutes! Why are some people so slow? WHYYYYYY????????????


Smartass said...

It's a rule or corporate America. If you want a paycheck, you must become a robot.

Once I had a brawl on the phone with an AOL representative which could only have been ended by my mate hanging up the line. I was pretty close to a heart attack.

Brains optional.

nobody said...

I totally agree. Corporate America turns everyone into a robot. Worse yet are the automated systems that insist on trying to resolve our issue before transfering us to a customer service agent.