Sunday, February 21, 2010

My first pair of Oxfords= love

I first noticed oxfords on Sienna Miller while she was filming "The September Issue" and I instantly fell in love. I just purchased my first pair from Steve Madden on sale and I'm so excited to break them out in the Spring. I got them in grey because I don't have any grey shoes(even though I've been lusting for grey boots for two winters now) and also because it's different.

This is how the awesome people at suggest wearing them:

Next, I'm going to buy these "Harrlem" boots from Steve Madden (customer loyalty..can you tell?) I love them in brown. They look really rugged...almost them!
In case any one is wondering, this is how Steve Madden suggests you wear them:
They look like lots of fun and I'm pretty sure that I can rock them in more ways than suggested. I can't wait to buy and rock these bitches!

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