Monday, February 01, 2010

2010 grammys- the NO edition

I'm not exactly sure what was going on this year on the red carpet or what kind of juice these stylists in Hollywood have been drinking but they need to put the bottles down and get to work....

Ciara's outfit is rather unfortunate. I don't know whether to comment on the lazy hair job or the excessively busy drape over her body suit. Some people in her hair team need a good talking to but her stylist has DEFINITELY got to go! no excuses.

Britney in Dolce and Gabanna- is it politically correct to make fun of Britney yet? I'm a HUGE fan(closet fan offcourse) but WTF is going on with this ridiculous-ness? There are certain things she would have to loose to make this outfit acceptable starting with the see through dress(whats up with the awkward length?), the fishnets, the sparkle shoes and the clutch...but then once she looses all that, she's left with a black body suit which is SOOO Lady gaga circa January even at best this outfit is a fail!
Note to Britney and Ciara- Hire more NO people to save yourselves from this kind of situation in the future. Also, just because it's couture doesnt mean its a great idea! These two should have ended up on the cutting floor in first year at FIT....I'm just saying...Love ya! MEAN IT!!
PSS: This is Britney at the 2001 VMA's...this is the right way to wear the outfit. I would have much rather she committed the red carpet crime of wearing the same thing twice, than be subjected to that D&G disaster she wore on Sunday...Shame... Re-hire your old stylist girlie!

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