Monday, February 01, 2010

2010 grammys- the MAYBE edition

Jennifer Hudson looks great! She's lost a lot of weight but still kept her curves and she looks nothing short of amazing.....that being said.....ummmm...Who the F draped that goofy looking skirt around her waist? Her outfit was ferosh before someone fell on her with that ill-advised satin BS. Sad! No bonus for that person!

A part of me loves this daring dress with the Hilary-Swank-Circa-2000-Oscar-Dress back but another part of me is annoyed by the flowers made out of a combination of sequins and outlandish buttons....Definitely not loving what it looks like from the front which should be what she saw first when she tried it on. I dont like her her bangs either. Talk about changing hair teams STAT! Paging Katy Perrys hair people: Her hair needs a makeover.. PRONTO! As a package she falls in the maybe's definitely not an A+ but it's not an E either... Plus my I heart Katy Perry is in full gear's hard to give her an E.

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