Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Puxatony Phil saw his shadow and It's snowing outside, but style.com says Spring 2010 is here!!!!!!

Style.com just released the Spring 2010 what-to-buy list and it's full of incredible items. My favorites are by Balenciaga. I love these gladiator sandals($575) and the new version of the motocycle bag. It looks a little smaller which could pose as a problem(If I was in the market looking for a $1795 bag) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blue. It's a classic color that would work in any season. I'm pretty sure that even though it might not look like it from the pictures, they are the same shade of blue..It would probably be really tacky to wear both in the same outfit....right?

Speaking of motorcycles, I really like Sacai's deconstructed version of a motorcycle jacket. It is very apropriate for the uber feminine theme that most designers are following this season. "I'm a wanna-be fashionista and I approve this message" *thumbs up*
Sinclair 10 trench coat- $398 it's one of those great items that don't need much of a desciption. Except to say LOVE.

There were a lot of tribal and wild west influences on the Spring RTW runways. Chloe gave a more practical approach to the "wild west" idea with this purse. I'm flipping back and forth between love and boredom. I can't decide but at $1740, I don't have to ;-)
Speaking of tribal, these statement making DVF bangles are probably the "easiest way to wear the trend". Yep...I agree. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Are you are trend setter or a follower? Doesn't matter! If you have the confidence to wear bright red lipstick, Chanels rouge lipstick in "Byzantine Red" is the way to go for as little as $30 Speaking of Chanel.....Uncle Karl, WTF is going on with this crocheted mess?? $4525 for a purse that was obviously inspired by my grandmothers couch cover? I DONT think so! Still love ya! MEAN IT!!

Last and definitely least, these J Brand Cargo pants are described as blurring "the lines between military and safari with a fatigue green cargo pant"...ummm...WHAT? Who needs that? For now I hate the idea of cargo pants being turned into skinnies...It might also be a bias because J brand jeans typically look terrible on me...I don't know either way...
For the complete list of must have items, click HERE. You're welcome.

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